Must he be studied to be a to be journalist?

According to Pedro J. Ramírez, director of the daily newspaper The World of Spain, no. «A good journalist is the one that does well his work in the middle that you work . There must be a requirement, no academic requirement to exercise the journalism, that a profession must be of free access. However, the experience proves that the university formation does no wrong, and contribute to the good journalism «.

His intention in the last century maintains confession that puts in obvious proof the evolution of journalism, the main character accepts that the university formation contributes to the good journalism, however,. For my understanding, what you try to tell is that the good journalists do themselves in the means, converted spaces university, where he himself acknowledges to, that you existed in the newspapers, » more Linotypists that journalists and workshops were more than them ( living rooms of ) wording; ( there is ) seen towards newspapers of right controlled by left-wing labor unions «.

Conform your declarations Leoly, you come to my mind, all process of craft character, where the very handicraft called for agile people, and the journalists were sound box of that society. Then the businessmen ( Periódicos’s Editors ) discovered the commercial potential of journalism and the first broadcasts seemed to the new present-day daily newspapers happened .

Meanwhile, the journalists become the spokespersons of the public opinion, their work it attains the prestige and recognition of the society. That way we have than the first people dedicated the sociologists, psychologists, the mathematicians and philosophers, between the principal exponents, found the Alemán Wlburg Serman, were the journalism which you affirmed than the ( journalism ) it was not a science, but a crossroad of disciplines.  At the end of the years 60 and beginnings of the 70 McLuhan wedged the term global village where it is concluded that journalism is the science of the message.

For the eighties Chafe and Bergan, they regard the journalism as the science of communication. Consequently, these definitions are the ones that back up the improvement of journalism, I process of social interaction key for the development of democracy and the respect of the conscience of his professionals. Affirmation that you demonstrate than IF it is necessary to go into performing a job that plucks up more and more necessary for health the democratic society.


Lcdo. Joseph Chica Pincay

Reg. Prof. #1823 CPG

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